Selected Writings

Tim is the author of two books on the haunted history of Washington, DC; Capitol Hill Haunts and Ghosts of Georgetown. The Washington Post selected Capitol Hill Haunts as one of the “Best Books about Washington” and the Hill Rag had this to say about Ghosts of Georgetown:

Krepp is well-versed in local history as well as the politics, trade and commerce, and social milieu of the eras he’s discussing, and is a great storyteller who, with a confident grasp of the facts and judiciously inserted asides, can bring to life both the haunters and the haunted.

On history

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On his neighborhood

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On education

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On tourism

Visitors will walk far to MLK… (Greater Greater Washington)

Are Tour Guide Licenses Unconstitutional (Greater Greater Washington)

Officer Sprinkle and the Haunted Police Station (Ghosts of DC)

On transportation and planning

Mr. Wells, Tear Down this Bike Station (The Hill is Home)

Historic Preservation Group Objects to Streetcars Along Historic Streetcar Route (The Hill is Home)

Life as a tour guide: Why can’t tour groups take the Metro (Greater Greater Washington)